Escola Americana de Vitoria LTDA

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    Escola Americana de Vitoria is an American international school. It opened its doors Feb 2018 with preschool and in 2019 it
    will expand its services to 1st and 2nd grade. It will subsequently expand year by year until 12th grade. The primary language
    of instruction is English and Portuguese is also offered. EAV actively engages students in intellectual inquiry and personal
    development. Students are immersed in collaborative and autonomous, interdisciplinary project-based learning experiences as
    endeavors in critical thinking and creative production. EAV designs a learning environment where curiosity is celebrated and
    personal talents explored. Teachers are designers and activators of learning experiences. Our curriculum is relevant and
    engaging and reflects what we believe is worth knowing and learning. The end result of learnings should be the empowerment
    of young people to develop the competencies and personal character needed to find their place and achieve fulfillment in a
    rapidly changing, globalized environment.

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    • Corporate
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    • Consultancy Services
    • Drilling, Construction, Production and Shipping
    • Energy, Oil & Gas Companies
    • Financial Services
    • Industrial Companies
    • Legal Services
    • Offshore Equipment and Services
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