National Oilwell Varco

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    Cranes, mud pumps, top drives, iron roughneck, riser, BOP, derrick, motion compensator, Racking Board Winches, Elevated Backup Tong, Service & Access Basket in Derrick,, HP Hoses, Crow Mounted Compensator, AHC, Travelling Block, Top Drive, BX Elevator, Fingerboard for Drillpipe, Drill Collar and Casing, Bellyboard (Lower Fingerboard), Hydraracker IV, Mousehole Racking System, Drawworks, Dead Line Anchor, Drill Line Reel with Wire, Utility Winches, Manrider Winch, Iron Roughnecks, Mud Bucket, Catheads, Rotary Support Table, Power Slips, Cyberbase System, Drilling Control Interface, Smart Drilling Instrumentation, Driller´s Cabin, Pipe Catwalk Shuttle w/ Tail-in Arm, Riser Catwalk Machine w/ Riser Tail-in Arm, Riser Gantry Crane (w/Yoke and Riser Capture Device), Wireline Riser Tensioners, Bulk Storage and Transfer System, Mud Additive System, HP Manifolds,  Hose Reel Station, HP Mud Pumps, Mud Mixing and Transfer Pumps, Agitators, Solids Control, Hydraulic Power Units, Overhead Crane, BOP / LMRP, BOP Test Stump, Retractable, Xmas Tree Overhead Crane, Xmas Tree Moonpool Trolley, Maintenance Basket in Moonpool Area, BOP Stack, BOP Controls/Mux, Diverter, Knuckleboom Cranes.

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