IKM Testing Brasil

  • Site: http://www.ikm.com/ikm-testing-brasil
  • Phone: +55 27 3218 5464
  • Contact: alexandre.vilanova@br.ikm.com
  • Description:

    The IKM group is a multidiscipline sub supplier to the oil and gas industry. Our priority area is growth: growth in sales, growth in profits and growth in the services supplied. IKM will continue to establish new businesses, do acquisitions and alliances in order to steadily develop IKM as a quality supplier.
    The group does currently employ about 2450 employees and has a budgeted turnover of 3,5 billion NOKĀ  for 2017.
    IKM consists of two juridical groups, the IKM Group and IKM Invest AS.

  • Category:
    • Corporate
  • Segments:
    • Consultancy Services
    • Offshore Equipment and Services