Triunfo Logística Ltda.

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    Port operator;

    Import and export;



    Provision of services in port facilities and auxiliary vessels and ships;

    Rental of materials and equipment for loading and unloading;

    Moving of goods;

    Planning and shipping;

    Rail and road;

    Maritime, air and land loading and unloading services;

    Stowage service and block;

    Rental of machines for ship;

    Port operator;

    Construction of vessels for commercial use and for special use;

    Maintenance and repair of floating vessels and structures and assembly and transformation works;

    Processing, refurbishing and reconditioning and industrial conditioning or reconditioning;

    Collection of non-hazardous residues of domestic, urban or industrial origin, waste and refuse of works and demolitions by means of trash, vehicles or buckets;

    Ship support  services in the port area and firm’s own filling station, being able to participate in other companies.

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    • Gold
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    • Offshore Equipment and Services
    • Others