The Technology & Trends committee was created in 2020.

According to McKinsey, 84 percent of executives say that their future success is dependent on innovation.



NBCC´s new Technology and Trends committee aims to become a forum for relevant discussions and the exchange of experiences, practices and knowledge on technology and trends. When possible, the committee will work to leverage unique characteristics of Norway/Brazil solutions, agreements or relations, as well as safer, more sustainable, more cost-effective and more socially responsible solutions.



The Tech&Trends committee will have three focus areas:

1 – Technology: New technologies that really add value to our life (private and professional)

2 – Trends: Filtering the trends in all areas. Sometime we feel that we get lost in time, technology, information, education, recreation, what was the past and what is the future? Directions to strategically position our companies and our private life to not be obsolete.

3 – R&D: To be the best source of information for R&D applications and be the channel for cases presentation, including the opening option for investors sections.


Opportunities for members

NBCC members are invited to participate in the events and also to be a part of the whatsapp-group created for this committee, in which relevant material will be shared. Members are also invited to suggest topics the committee should discuss as well as speakers



Discussions, panels and expert presentations of relevant topics. The committee will also share research, relevant articles on matters dealt with at meetings as well as recordings of meetings



The committee will organize 4-6 yearly events, open to all NBCC associates



Coordinator of the committee is Daniel M Carocha, (Sócio da Leap (KPMG & Distrito)

Vice-coordinators are Anderson Lima, Head of Digital , Equinor and Marianne Jensen, Science and Technology Councellor at Innovation Norway South America

Board member liason is Johnar Olsen.


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