The communications committee is organized differently than the other working committees of NBCC, and has an executive group of 15 participants on a one-year mandate.



The purpose of the executive group is to establish coordinated communication efforts among Norwegian companies in Brazil and Team Norway –– Innovation Norway, NBCC, Innovation Norway, ABRAN, NORWEP, Seafood Council, Consulate and Embassy –– to expand and consolidate the image of Norway and Norwegian investments/businesses and its relevancy among Brazilian opinion makers and society.

Goal: Increase, expand and consolidate the image of Norway and Norwegian investments/ businesses among Brazilian opinion makers and general society. The committee reports back to the NBCC board and to Team Norway.




  1. Sustainability
  2. Economic Impact
  3. Innovation
  4. Culture



  1. Be proactive to enhance visibility and create perception by having a set of messages to be used by Norwegian companies and government representatives
  2. Prioritize target audiences



The communications committee will share the marketing material and content created. The committee will provide and organize discussions, panels and expert presentations of relevant topics. The committee will also share research, relevant articles on matters dealt with at meetings as well as recordings of the open meetings.


Opportunities for members

NBCC members are invited to participate in the events and also to be a part of the whatsapp-group created for this committee, in which relevant material will be shared. Members are also invited to suggest topics the committee should discuss as well as speakers



The executive group will meet monthly, except in the months of January and July.

The committee will also organize two open events for all NBCC associates per year.



Coordinator of the group is Elisa Magalhães, Subsea 7

Vice-coordinator Rafael Teixeira, Brunel.

The executive group 2022 is:

Alex Imperial (DN GL), Alice Bidone (Statkraft), Ana Pais (Yara), Andrea Machado (Equinor), Carlo Volmer Cervo (Modec), Carol Boas (Yara), Ciro Dias Reis (Imagem Corporativa), Claudio Goulart (DNB), Daniele Rivera (Aker Solutions), Eduardo Lutz (Hydro), Elisa Magalhães (Subsea 7), Fernanda Falcão (Zoomout), Henrique Saraiva (Altera Infrastructure), Jan Lomholdt (MO Partners),  Joana B Gonçalves (Norwegian Embassy), Marie Inversen (MO Partners).

Observers: Lisandra Oliveira (NBCC), Rafael Souza (BNCC) and Jeanette Lorvik Camargo (NBCC)

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