The Legal Committee serves as a forum to discuss legal issues of interest to the NBCC’s business community.


In addition to matters related to the day-to-day activities of businesses that belong to the NBCC, we seek to highlight issues that have strategic importance for NBCC members. Cooperation with the other NBCC committees is also an important focus for the activities conducted by the Legal Committee.


Our meetings will be held once every two months, although meetings can be held more frequently, depending on committee members’ availability and/or if issues that merit urgent attention arise.

Opportunities for members

The activities of the Legal Committee are directed to enabling NBCC members to broaden their knowledge of the legal aspects of doing business in Brazil, from a practical, business-oriented point of view.


Whenever possible, the Legal Committee will distribute to NBCC members papers containing a summary of the matters discussed at meetings. Providing NBCC members with sources for research and references to articles on the matters dealt with at meetings will be one of the committee’s priorities.


Felipe de Paulo, Wilhelmsen

Vice Coordinator

Nilton Mattos, Mattos Filho


For further information please contact:

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