Exchange knowledge and practices related to financial topics and different solutions and/or approaches between chamber members. When possible, leverage unique characteristics of Norway/Brazil agreements or relationship.

Establish good topics for discussions and/or presentations, bearing in mind strategic subjects that are in the interest of the members of this chamber.

Transfer Pricing, along the Legal Committee, tax exempts, including Norway and Brazil tax treats, increase awareness of Norwegian and local financial alternatives, customs/Repetro experiences, Macro economy, sisconserv and local content, money transfer between Norway and Brazil, financing of local subsidiaries and any other topic of clear interest of the members.


The gathering will be every other month. The committee will have more or less meetings depending on the agenda of participants and the subjects to be discussed.

Opportunities for members

Networking, access to best practices and other member’s experiences, up-to-date relevant information regarding the objective of the fund and the members, joint committee discussions.


Discussions, panels and expert presentations of relevant topics.


Rogerio Abruzzini – Brazilship/Scanbrasil

Vice coordinator

Patrícia de Albuquerque de Azevedo – Kincaid Mendes Vianna Advogados

For further information please contact:

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