Facilitate meetings to promote the exchange of experiences, reflections and knowledge on subjects related to people management and related challenges.


Approach on subjects related to people management daily routine, sharing knowledge and experiences, specifically for topics that are unique for Brazil. Be aware of any changes that may impact the area, looking for special support on matters related to legislation and labor market.


Our meetings will happen every two months, keeping in mind the possibility of more meetings depending on our needs.

Opportunities for the members

The members will have the opportunity to meet people in same positions with other companies, participate in meetings to discuss relevant issues, exchanging experiences that may support the development of their activities and bring value to their company.


Minutes of meetings, expert’s presentations of relevant topics and other relevant material that are being presented in our meetings or forwarded by our members of the group.


Diogo Kloper, Fragomen

Vice Coordinator

Roberto Kurtz, Kincaid

For further information please contact:

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