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    Fiven is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the industries of today and tomorrow. Fiven is clearly established as a world leader in the silicon carbide grains and powders business. At the heart of the industry, they pride themselves on serving many industry-leading customers around the world through long-term, trust-based relationships. Our product Silicon Carbide – Sic acronym is used as raw material for several industrial segments. Sic grains and powders are used in the production process of Steel, Cast Iron, in the production of abrasive materials, such as: abrasive sandpaper, grinding wheels, cutting discs, sharpening stones. Sic is also used in the refractory production industry for industrial furnaces in the Steel, Cement, Aluminum, Foundry, Incinerators, and other segments. SiC is used in the production of technical ceramics for industry ballistic protection, mechanical seals for the automotive and oil & gas industry. In addition to these applications, Sic has been increasingly used in the semiconductor industry for electric car batteries, 5G technology, others.

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