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    IKM Subsea is an independent ROV and subsea operator. We are the one in the industry with the longest experience and was the first operator to demonstrate a successful track record in the development and use of electric WROVs. This experience has been fundamental for placing IKM Subsea at the forefront in the ROV industry. IKM Subsea core services are within Installation, Rig Drill Support, IMR (Inspection Maintenance & Repair), Decommissioning, Utilities and Communication. IKM Subsea is widely known for its electrical ROV-experience and the increasing operational advantages this provides for the clients. The fleet consists of more than 22 electrical Work Class ROVs and 4 Observation Class ROVs. These are supported from 4 operational Onshore Control Centre (OCC) based in Norway and Singapore.IKM Subsea’s proven Residential ROV solution has revolutionized traditional subsea operations. The clients have experiencing increased production recovery and improved rig utilization with greatly reduced downtime due to bad weather. This in addition to further added value factors, including reduced HSE and personnel requirements.

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