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    Established in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Macnor Marine – Maritime Cluster of Norway – is a consultancy and agency company, dedicated to Brazilian naval industry.

    In Brazil , the company represents a select number of exclusive European companies , in their most Norwegians , traditional equipment providers and leaders in the world market.

    In equipment division, we split into 2 subdivisions. The first is the general equipment division such as air conditioning (HVAC), propulsion systems , cranes , vacuum toilets , Galley and laundry, rescue and patrol boats , Fifi , valves , deck machinery , among others.

    The other division is dedicated to the Oil Recovery – Spill accidents, the ORSV vessels (OIL SPILL) where we have equipment such as the boom ( Barrier ) , FiFi 1 – Dispersant system , and the Tug boat to tow the Boom.

    Macnor Marine ‘s philosophy beyond marketing and sales , special attention to after-sales , and general services . It is important for the owner and the yard , our main clients , to have the service of each foreign equipment represented by a national labor , for several reasons . Since prompt answer on claims, to the economy with travel , hotels, transport , and it is this facility that Macnor Marine line develops and invests for the most interested in, that is our customer.


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