78 DLW students graduate in 2014


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Edson Arthur (to the left) and friends during graduation on February 28, 2015.Edson Arthur (to the left) and friends during graduation on February 28, 2015.«Dream Learn Work is changing my life», rookie welder at Vard, Edson Arthur da Silva Junior (to the left) said in an address to his fellow graduates during party held for the 78 DLW students that graduated in 2014. 

The graduation ceremony and the following celebration took place at Fenase, one of the partners of Dream Learn Work, in Piratininga, Niteroi on February 28, 2015.

Edson Arthur (20) is a great example of what the Norwegian NGO Dream Learn Work strives to accomplish with its activities in Brazil. After completing a welding course at Senai, he was offered a job at DLW partner Vard. His fellow student Juliana Conceição Carvalho (21) is also working at Vard after graduating from DLW courses in welding in 2014.

«We started as assistant welders at the Vard shipyard in August. I am loving it and I am learning something new every day. If you dedicate yourself and show responsibility, you have a future at the shipyard. I am very grateful for this opportunity. What Dream Learn Work has done for me, has the potential of changing my life, and what Dream Learn Work is doing, is very important, because they are actually offering young people the opportunity for a better life and a better future», he says.

Edson Arthur da Silva Junior from Itaborai was recruited through Karanba. His colleague at Vard, Juliana Conceição Carvalho, lived at Abrigo Rainha Silvia with her little son when Dream Learn Work offered her the opportunity to take a welding course at Senai. In 2014, she completed two different courses in welding, Mig-Mag and TIG, each with a duration of three months.

Juliana C. Carvalho (in the middle) with Iris Froysbu and Halvard Idland.Juliana C. Carvalho (in the middle) with Iris Froysbu and Halvard Idland.«At the NGO Abrigo In Itaborai, they asked me if I was interested in taking a technical course, and I said yes, but didn´t know which area, and it was DLW that suggested welding. I had no idea what it was, but decided to go for it, and I love it. After completing the courses, DLW helped me find a job at Vard, and the opportunity surprised me, but also made me very happy. Now I want to grow professionally within Vard», Juliana says

Open new doors
Halvard Idland is the chairman of the board of Dream Learn Work, and he had the pleasure of presenting the diplomas to the students, together with Dagny Nome, DLW´s general manager in Brazil.

«I am very happy to see you all here today. You have worked hard, and as long as you keep dreaming, learning and working, sky is the limit. This diploma will open new doors», Mr. Idland said. He also talked about DOF chairman, Mr. Helge Møgster, who has been supporting the Fenase initiative financially through many years.

«He started as a fisherman, but had a dream, and today, after a lot of hard work, he is the owner of 170 advanced vessels. I can assure you that it is not going to be easy, but we in the Dream Lear nWork network will do our best to help you get employed», Mr. Idland said

In 2014, DNV GL became an important partner of Dream Learn Work, and according to Michelle Araujo, the HR Manager South America, DNV GL takes social responsibility very seriously.

«We want to make a difference in the countries where we are present, and it is part of our corporate culture to contributing to society and leaving our mark. In this sense, we find the efforts of Dream Learn Work very valuable. Dream Learn Work is making a mark on the lives of these students, and providing them with a kickoff, by helping them to a more promising future. Our partnership is based on this, and this is also the legacy of the project», Mrs. Araujo (in the photo to the left) explains.

DNV GL is not only contributing financially, but also with the human resources of the company, and last year, a workshop where students could practice writing curriculums, took place.

«We also want to involve the employees of DNV GL more, for them to share their vast experience in so many fields. Opportunities are scarce for young people in Brazil, and Dream Learn Work is giving them something to believe in», Michelle Araujo says.

DNB, another important partner of DLW, was represented by Arne Christian Haukeland and Adriana Duarte at the event.

105 courses
Dream Learn Work recruit students from NGOs like Karanba and Abrigo, Bola pra Frente and Fenase, and about 350 students have now concluded different DLW courses since the very beginning in 2006. In 2014, disciplines like welding, industrial plumbing, electrician, tubing and mechanics were among the most popular courses. Some students complete the courses and are now looking for work while others continue their studies at local universities. DLW sponsors courses at several levels, both introduction courses and courses at university level.

«More than 100 courses were initiated in 2014 and we are very proud of our students», DLW general manager Dagny Nome said in her address to the students and their family members present.

By Runa Hestmann, NBCC journalist