A chance to bask in Olympic glory


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A wave of positive media reports, beautiful images and an overall positive focus on Rio is expected as the 2016 Summer Olympics is coming up. This is good for business, and Norwegian players are making plans.

The bar «Devassa» in Bolivar Street in Copacabana will host the Scandinavian Olympic Church during the Olympic Games, a joint effort by the Norwegian and the Swedish churches in Brazil.

According to Anders Rosland, Norway´s priest in Rio de Janeiro, Scandinavian supporters are invited to come together, watch the competitions on Norwegian TV and of course enjoy a waffle or two among friends.

«Our staff will be strengthened during the Olympics, and we hope to be of service to all the Norwegians and others coming to Rio to enjoy the Olympics. We hope to make it the place Scandinavians will gather during the games», Mr. Rosland says.

Breakfast seminars and smaller events will probably also take place at Devassa, but the organizers are still working on the agenda.

At the Norwegian church in Gávea different meetings will also take place and plans are also being made for a Royal lunch at the church, which is named after HRH Princess Ragnhild, the late sister of the current king, HRH King Harald of Norway.

The Norwegian royal family often marks their presence at the Olympic Games around the world, and as the family has particularly close ties to Rio de Janeiro, it was expected they would make an appearance during the August games as well.

HRH Crow Prince Haakon has already confirmed his presence and his sister, HH Princess Märtha Louise of Norway will be in Rio for the Paralympic Games.

Two Norwegian ministers are also expected to Rio during the Olympics and Paralympics – Minister of Culture, Linda Cahtrine Hofstad Helleland and Minister of Children and Equality, Solveig Horne.

According to the Consulate General, a networking reception, with Norwegian bacalhau playing an important part, will probably also take place, but the program for the dignitaries is still being worked out.

This will actually be the 25. time that Norway participates in the Summer Olympics.

The female handball team are the biggest gold medal favorites in the Norwegian delegation of 70 athletes. On August 6, Norway and Brazil will meet in the very first game of the handball tournament.

Rower Olav Tufte is another athlete with chances to take home a medal.

In the London 2012 Summer Olympics, Norway won to gold medals (The Female Handball Team and Erik Verås Larsen – kayak single), one silver medal (Bartosz Piasecki – fencing) and one bronze medal (Alexander Kristoff – cycling)

For the Paralympic games, about 50 Norwegian athletes are expected to Rio de Janeiro.

Under scrutiny
Research professor Einar Braathen at the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research is looking into consequences of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Earlier this year he presented his research to the Brazlian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Oslo.