Integrated analysis of accounting, tax, labor and financial areas shows paths and opportunities.


By Luiz Flávio Cordeiro, Domingues e Pinho Contadores

In an increasingly challenging scenario, it is imperative to seek new ways of doing business, following the evolution of the market and the demands that arise with these changes.

If the pace of change was already intense, the pandemic arrived imposing other needs and accelerating processes. The unexpected crisis triggered by the coronavirus has led companies to rethink mergers and acquisitions, suspend investments, seek ways to reduce costs and generate revenue in other areas.

Based on a complete analysis of the business, its level of maturity and short, medium and long term objectives, the business management consultancy positions itself as the ideal partnership in defining paths that lead to efficiency and help to see new opportunities.


Strategic solutions for strategic issues
This analysis starts from a global look at the indicators that portray the company’s health and corporate goals in order to define more appropriate ways to manage revenues and expenses, deal with strategies and plan new initiatives and projects.

At Domingues e Pinho Contadores, one of the practices that has contributed to offering more strategic solutions to customers is the work of Customer Care. This area establishes a closer relationship with the customer, based on the premise that he is at the center of the business and that all actions must be aimed at generating improvements that affect him.

This means understanding the challenges that the customer lives, the stage of its business, its critical factors, demands and expectations. Costumer Care works jointly with other service areas so that consulting solutions are designed in an integrated manner.

This consultative approach puts DPC closer to its customers, as a strategic and proactive partner that helps in decision-making and in achieving better results.


In practice, business management consultancy contributes to:


    • Support the understanding of business numbers;
    • Diagnose critical points and opportunities for improvement;
    • Promote tax analysis that takes into account the specifics of the segment and the company’s goals;
    • Align financial and accounting management to strategic objectives;
    • Identify risks preventively and act to minimize them;
    • To gather information and indicators to compose reports that support decision-making processes.


DPC’s consultative performance offers elements that represent opportunities to optimize finances or data that will form the basis for its strategic decisions.

In a one-off consultancy, for example, tax credits were identified in the balance sheet of a company in the infrastructure sector. After conducting the survey with the IRS to assess the feasibility of the tax credit recovery process, the result was that R$ 8 million was recoverable.

In another company in the service industry, DPC participates in the preparation of the annual budget based on the client’s projections and expectations. Then, monthly monitoring is carried out with the company’s executive team, assisting in the early identification of risks and financial analysis to verify the project’s viability.


Benefits of business management consulting
This integrated consultative work is based on a performance model that raises the levels of value delivery, based on an understanding of the client’s reality and the goals he wants to achieve. Some benefits are:


Cost reduction
When reliable data and indicators reflect the business situation, it becomes clearer to identify where there is a possibility to reduce spending. Among the measures that lead to opportunities are:

  • Budget monitoring and analysis;
  • Review of the payroll (social security framework, rates);
  • Tax review and tax analysis.


Risk mitigation
A business diagnosis is essential to define the necessary actions to mitigate risks of fines and fines in the accounting, tax, labor and social security areas.


Support for decision making
Going beyond compliance, the consultancy provides the client with analyzes capable of expanding business intelligence. Viewed strategically, considering the context and possible scenarios, the data support the making of more assertive decisions.

In acquisition or merger processes, this integrated view of business management is essential, as the information reveals the financial, tax and labor situation of the company that is the subject of the survey, making up the feasibility assessment of the completion of the planned operation.


Cash Relief
In times of crisis, legal initiatives that represent financial relief are very welcome. A specialized technical analysis helps to prove situations that may lead to the recovery of tax credits.

This work promotes a survey of the balance of taxes that have been unduly collected or paid. When this situation is confirmed and the process is finalized, the contributing company can benefit from the credits to which it is entitled.