Compliance as a license to operate


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October Seminar hosted by Statkraft, Norwegian renewable energy company, focused on ethical business commitment and the importance of compliance.

The event held in São Paulo, on October 30, 2019 was attended by the Norwegian ambassador to Brazil, Nils Martin Gunneng.

Several lectures and debates were conducted to address compliance as an essential activity for business operation and maintenance, with ethics and frequent anti-corruption care.

According to Statkraft’s CEO in Brazil, Fernando De Lapuerta, ethics is fundamental in business relations.
«Clear requirements and consistent business conduct build trust and loyalty among employees, business partners, customers and communities. Business ethics, in practice, depends on us all, anywhere in the world, every day, and that’s what we want to demonstrate to the industry», says De Lapuerta.

The event, which was open to the Brazilian society, was the stage for discussion of relevant compliance topics in different markets, as well as Energy. Guests and speakers included authorities such as Norway’s ambassador to Brazil, Nils Martin Gunneng; the special advisor of the Comptroller General of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CGE RJ) and member of the Coaf (Council for the Control of Financial Activities of the Federal Government), Antonio Carlos Vasconcellos Nobrega; Statkraft’s chief compliance officer, Maja de Vibe, representatives of large and renowned law firms in Brazil, such as Pinheiro Neto and Campos Mello, among others.

Topics included considerations on implementing a corporate growth strategy without compromising business ethics; compliance program and the expectation of local authorities; and compliance and sustainability in merger and acquisition (M&A) processes.

According to Statkraft Regional Latam compliance officer, Paula Pereira, «although competitiveness is part of the business, always acting ethically is essential for companies to effectively show respect for their employees, customers, the environment and society».

Compliance at Statkraft

To control corruption and reinforce its values, organizations are increasingly strengthening the issue of integrity and Statkraft seeks to operate in the Brazilian electricity sector to encourage this culture.

The company’s objective is to ensure performance that enables to exercise its business vision – Providing Pure Energy – and positively influence the market with its ethical practices.

The seminar also addressed issues such as Brazil’s current economic and political landscape after the Lava-Jato (Brazilian corruption investigation) with journalist and politics critic Vera Magalhães. The event had about 90 participants.

Statkraft will also be present at Scandinavian Day, which will take place on November 6, in São Paulo city – an initiative that aims to promote partnerships between Scandinavian companies and Brazilian organizations and their counterparts.

Source: Statkraft

Ambassador Nils Martin Gunneng