Domingues e Pinho Contadores celebrates 40 years of history


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The company marks its 40th anniversary, celebrating a successful journey and ready to go beyond


On April 2, 1984, Domingues e Pinho Contadores was founded as a small accounting firm with nine employees and a handful of clients. Now, standing as one of the benchmarks in the industry, the company celebrates 40 years of a journey marked by numerous achievements. 

Manuel Pinho



I have always held the belief that accountants play a crucial role in the businesses they advise. Ethics, quality, organization, and dedication to customer service are values that remain at DPC’s core to this very day.” 


With offices in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Macaé, DPC now employs 570 staff members across these locations. The firm serves approximately 600 clients, 60% of whom are multinational companies. A sizeable portion of the company’s portfolio is made up of businesses in industries such as Oil and Gas, Energy, Telecommunications, Shipping, Port and Airport Services, Finance and Resource Management, Information Technology, Legal Services and Education.

“Our growth has been organic, stemming from the solid market reputation that DPC has built up. We have broadened our array of solutions to address the needs of our clients, adopting their challenges as our own,” Pinho remarks.

DPC has embraced digital transformation to achieve even higher levels of efficiency. Through the adoption of cutting-edge software, process automation, and artificial intelligence tools, the company is constantly pursuing ways to add value for its clients. This commitment is evidenced by a dedicated Products and Innovation department, staffed by a team specializing in the technological advancement of both internal and external solutions.

Furthermore, the company also has a history of continuous investment in employee training and development programs, currently entitled ‘Academia DPC’, ensuring that the team remains always up-to-date, and this effort is directly reflected in service quality.

Luciana Uchôa, president of DPC, specifically credits the company’s employees and partners for these accomplishments.  

Luciana Uchôa



We acknowledge that our most valuable asset is the people in our team. This story has been crafted by our talented individuals who, with immense dedication, have embraced the values envisioned by our founder”. 


Equipped with a diverse and dedicated team, solid values, and the trust of its clients, Domingues e Pinho continues on its journey, achieving its mission to spur growth for everyone around it. This includes fostering personal and professional development for its talents, and providing steadfast support, security, and peace of mind to the businesses it advises in their establishment and ongoing operations in Brazil.

Aware of the impact it can have on society, the firm also supports social and cultural projects centered around education, innovation and technology, through ‘DPC Transforma’, the company’s social and environmental responsibility program.

“As we celebrate, we also look forward to a future filled with new opportunities. We are committed to driving progress and developing solutions that address the market’s evolving needs, while we move forward into a new era,” states Uchôa.