DPC RELEASE – Digital nomads: labor-related issues of this work format


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A computer, an internet connection, and the possibility of working from anywhere in the world. The digital nomad is the face of these new technological and borderless times.

This work arrangement is already a reality for 35 million people around the world, according to the 2022 Worldwide Immigration Trends Report by Fragomen, a global company specialized in immigration.

Ever since the pandemic, the movement toward work location flexibility has grown on a global scale for many employees. This shift suggests that digital nomadism is likely to get more followers in the coming years.

But what precautions should be taken by professionals who wish to work without settling long-term in a fixed address or even in a fixed country? How can companies avoid labor risks? How does our law address this issue? Learn more about these and other aspects in the following link https://www.dpc.com.br/digital-nomads-labor-related-issues-of-this-work-format/?lang=en