“Green shipping is an opportunity”


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More than 100 people participated in the webinar on green shipping organized by NBCC on April 8, 2021.


The event was recorded and the recording is available to NBCC members. See a short teaser here, and contact us by email communication@nbcc.com.br to get access to the full event.


The webinar, entitled “Green Shipping – Norwegian Experiences triggering future developments”, featured speakers from DNV, Abran, DNB, Odfjell, Kongsberg Maritime, Altera Infrastructure and Yara.

Knut Ola Skotvedt, Senior Vice President, DNB Ocean Division, outlined some of the main drivers for the green change, like the regulatory framework and market initiatives such as the Poseidon Principles.

“New regulations come at a faster pace, and capital is shifting towards green(er). High emissions will be harder to finance”, he said.

Per Kristian Vaagsaether

Ricardo Fernandes, Executive Director of ABRAN, the Brazilian filial of the Norwegian Shipowners Association, said that the shipowners in Norway are driving the green shift and that NSA has decided that Norwegian shipping is to be climate neutral by 2050.

“Brazil also has high ambitions, through the Paris Agreement, and my key takeaway is that green shipping is an opportunity going forward”, he said.


Jonas Mattos, Business development manager at DNV, said it is time to move from buzz to reality when talking about energy transition and green shipping.

“Brazil is a candidate to lead the transition, but there is room to move faster”, he said.

Christian Fjell


The event also featured presentations from Erik Hjortland, Vice President Technology at Odfjell Management AS, Per Kristian Vågsæter – Sales Manager, Kongsberg Maritime, Christian Fjell Sustainability Manager, Altera Infrastructure Shuttle & Storage and Murali Srinivasan, VP Yara Clean Ammonia.


The presentations are also available to NBCC members.