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Intsok and Petrobras organize workshop to exhange ideas. “A great opportunity for this strong selection of Intsok companies to present their solutions to Petrobras”, the local Intsok adviser to Brazil, Mr. Adhemar Freire, says.

The successful workshop was a result of the hard work and persistence of the local Intsok adviser to Brazil, Mr. Adhemar Freire (to the right in the photo). Here he is accompanied by some of the speakers at the seminar and by Mr. Fernando Pedrosa Guedes from Petrobras (number five from the left in the photo)The successful workshop was a result of the hard work and persistence of the local Intsok adviser to Brazil, Mr. Adhemar Freire (to the right in the photo). Here he is accompanied by some of the speakers at the seminar and by Mr. Fernando Pedrosa Guedes from Petrobras (number five from the left in the photo)Intsok is a Norwegian non-profit foundation established to strengthen the Norwegian oil and gas industry and promote the capabilities of Norwegian companies in international markets. More than 60 Intsok companies are currently present in Brazil, and Intsok is an important partner of the NBCC.

On May 21, 2014, 12 Intsok companies were given the chance to present new solutions and technologies forFPSOs during a workshop at Petrobras Research Center Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello (Cenpes), in Rio de Janeiro.

A great chance to exchange new solutions and technologies, according to Fernando Pedrosa Guedes, Capital Project Implementation Best Practices Manager of Petrobras. In his opening remarks, Mr. Guedes also gave a brief presentation of the Petrobras Business Plan for 2014-2018, and highlighted that Petrobras is planning to invest 153,9 billion USD in Exploration & Production for the period. The goal is to double the oil production by 2020 and reach a production of 4,2 million barrels of oil a day. To do so, the company needs new production units. 28 production units are under construction or in BID process and will be delivered by 2018. The company are planning to contract another seven units in 2019 and 2020, and the need for new support vessels is also significant.

New opportunities
This is why Brazil currently is considered the largest offshore market in world, and according to Intsok, the Norwegian continental shelf is the second biggest offshore market in the world.

“For this reason it makes sense for us to cooperate and explore innovative solutions together”, Gulbrand Wangen, the Intsok regional director for Brazil, said in his introduction to the workshop. There is no doubt that Norwegian suppliers are eager to contribute to the huge Petrobras investment program.

“The companies will present potential innovations from Norwegian industry for FPSO application. Intsok is prepared to explore new business opportunities and new technologies which are beneficial to Petrobras. Please use this forum to learn and don´t hesitate to challenge the company representatives”, Mr. Wangen said.

Helle Moen, director of Innovation Norway, was also present at the workshop.

“It is essential for the Norwegian supply industry to get the opportunity to present their innovations and new technologies to a big company like Petrobras, and Intsok has done a terrific job in creating this arena for the exchanging of ideas. The agenda for the workshop is great, and with so many participating suppliers, I hope to see positive results”, Mrs. Moen said.

Roney Parente of Marine Aluminum.Roney Parente of Marine Aluminum.Making connections
The invited companies were asked to justify the technology they presented. Increased productivity, less investments and/or operational costs, increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, improved safety or environmental performance and improved operational life of the FPSO are among the objectives defined as important to Petrobras in their consideration of new solutions and technologies.

OneSubsea was one of the participating companies. The company is headquartered in Bergen, but has manufacturing facilities in Taubaté and Macaé. President of Swivel & Marine Systems, Atle Ingebrigtsen presented a submerged loading system to the workshop participants.

“It is very important for us to be here, and this is a great opportunity to present the new solutions we have within floating offloading systems. There is a demand, and we have done several relevant experiences in the North Sea, that would fit the reality here. The way we do it in Norway is relevant to Brazil, and this workshop is a great opportunity to make connections and map Brazilian needs. Our vision is to be a trusted partner of floating technology and solutions”, says Atle Ingebrigtsen.

Marine Aluminum from Haugesund, Norway, provides aluminum structures to the offshore and shipbuilding industry. Light weight and corrosion resistance are among the main benefits of using aluminum instead of steel.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to present our product to Petrobras before the specifications for the future vessels are set. When the shipyards receive the specifications, it is too late for us. Aluminum is a strong, light and corrosion resistant material. As a consequence, less maintenance is needed. This will lower the costs. You also have risk mitigation by reducing maintenance, and the material has a good recyclability, contributing to reducing emissions”, Project Manager Roney Parente says.

Yunus Naqvi and Finn Fredriksen from Freudenberg.Yunus Naqvi and Finn Fredriksen from Freudenberg.Freudenberg, a company with origins in Drammen, presented a compact flange with low leakage rates, suitable for demanding loading situations.

“We are honored to be invited to present our product, and get this opportunity to talk directly to Petrobras. It is important to meet the right people, and be able to provide them with the technical clarifications they need. The feedback has been good, and we certainly hope to see positive results from this workshop»”, Project Manager Yunus Naqvi says.

NBCC members like Harding, Rolls-Royce, Aker Solutions and Aptomar/Paschoalin were also among the companies presenting their solutions during the event. In addition ABB, Siemens, IKM, Minox and Emerson participated.

By Runa Hestmann, NBCC journalist