NBCC Launches Two New Working Committees


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As a present to our members in the year where we mark our 25-year anniversary, NBCC is creating two new working committees.

What better way to celebrate the anniversary than to improve the broad network and the wide set of services that NBCC offers its associates!

Strategic approach
The new communication committee will be given the responsibility of establishing and implementing a communication strategy on behalf of the Norwegian businesses and industries in Brazil, and the Coordinator of the new Communication committee is Alessandra Fonseca, Hydro´s Head of Communication South America.

“The Communication Committee will be a joint effort focused on building a favourable percepton of the Norwegian businesses, strengthening the repuptaion and showcasing the relevance of the Norwegian investments in Brazil”, she explains.

The main purpose of the committee is to build reputation and trust of Norwegian companies in Brazil, identify and manage reputational risks and contribute communication wise to support the strategic agenda of NBCC.

The committee will be organized as a smaller operational group with a one-year mandate, and representatives from companies represented on the NBCC board will be given priority for the limited seats in this group. Click here to submit your candidacy.

The committee will also organize open meetings twice a year where representatives from all NBCC member companies will be invited.

The second committee will address technology and innovation and will be called “Technology and Trends”

According to McKinsey, 84 percent of executives say that their future success is dependent on innovation.  NBCC´s new Technology and Trends committee aims to become a forum for relevant discussions and the exchange of experiences, practices and knowledge on technology and trends. When possible, to leverage unique characteristics of Norway/Brazil solutions, agreements or relations, as well as safer, more sustainable, more cost-effective and more socially responsible solutions.

The coordinator for this committee will be Daniel Carocha, Partner KPMG, Transformation Architect at LEAP (KPMG & Distrito) and Guest Professor at UFRJ-COPPE. With 21-years’ experience in multi sector companies (O&G, renewable energy, consumer products), Daniel has a passion for ESG, Industry 4.0 & Society 5.0, he has won several innovation awards and has founded five startups.

“The ambition is to bring new horizons, insights and ideas for business leaders, entrepreneurs and society that can really add value. I hope that the committee will leverage speed and agility of decision-making in this VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world where the antifragile and ESG mindsets are the unique certain.”

The Tech&Trends committee will have three focus areas:

1 – Technology: New technologies that really add value to our life (private and professional)

2 – Trends: Filtering the trends in all areas. Sometime we feel that we get lost in time, technology, information, education, recreation, what was the past and what is the future? Directions to strategically position our companies and our private life to not be obsolete.

3 – R&D: To be the best source of information for R&D applications and be the channel for cases presentation, including the opening option for investors sections.

The first meetings of the new committees will take place in August. Stay tuned for more information!