NBCC supports South America Offshore Wind 2023


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NBCC is proud to announce that is supporting South America Offshore Wind 2023

South America Offshore Wind 2023 will be held in support of the recent spur in interest for offshore wind development in South America, more specifically in Brazil and Colombia. SAM ’23 will attract a core of corporate and local representatives of Developers and Supply Chain Companies and all other stakeholders in these markets, such as the local and national authorities.

The conference will cover the authorities’ views on early development and permitting planning, developers sharing their views on their project portfolios and discussion of the many capabilities of the established Global OffshoreSupply Chain. The mission of the FWS events is to create a platform for bridging Supply and Demand while facilitating commercialization of this industry’s projects.

SAM ’23 is organized by Quest Offshore, the co-founder and organizer of the 1st OTC Brasil, Floating Wind Solutions Houston and many other energy related events. A world class Advisory Board is being assembled and will ensure that the program will be extremely focused on the principles of this mission.

Know more at https://fwssouthamerica.com/





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