Nor-Shipping 2019 – bigger, greener and better


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HRH King Harald of Norway was present for the formal opening of Nor-Shipping 2019 in Oslo City Hall on June 3, 2019. A big Brazilian delegation was in Norway for the international maritime event.

The King of Norway was the guest of honor at the Nor-Shipping 2019 Opening Ceremony at the Oslo City Hall. Photo courtesy of Nor-Shipping.

30.000 delegates from more than 75 countries and close to 1000 exhibitors are expected to Nor-Shipping this year, making it the 28th edition of the event the biggest Nor-Shipping ever.

A 50 man strong Brazilian delegation is in Oslo for the biannual event, known as a hub for key decision makers from the maritime industry across the world to connect, collaborate and do deals to unlock new business opportunities. Several NBCC associates and other Norwegian companies active in Brazil are represented at the exhibition with their own stands. Eggs Design, Kongsberg, Vard,  V. Group, DNV GL, Jotun, Marine Aluminum, NOV, Ulstein, Yara, DNB, Innovation Norway, Palfinger Marine, Storm Geo, Damen, Gard, Wilhelmsen Ships Service are some examples.

«Nor-Shipping is an excellent opportunity to promote the relationship between Norway and Brazil. After difficult years, I hope that people now see that there is light in the tunnel.  I believe that Brazilian authorities now will have a more open and less bureaucratic approach. Red tape can scare off potential investors, but we see a positive trend now, currency is strengthening and the pension reform that is being debated in Congress, is important for the country going forward. Forums like Nor-Shipping are important to share this information. It is the first time I participate at Nor-Shipping myself and I am impressed with the high level», says Knut Øvrebø, of Odfjell Brasil and also a NBCC board member.

On June 5th, the third Brazil@Norshipping seminar will take place with a long list of distinguished Brazilian speakers, and the following day, seminars on regulatory issues and financing are on the agenda.

The formal opening ceremony of Nor-Shipping counted with the presence of Norway´s Minister of Trade, Torbjørn Røe-Isaksen and Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen. Even Thor Heyerdahl Jr, son of the famous Norwegian explorer, was present. HRH King Harald V was the guest of honor.

Norway´s Minister of Trade Torbjørn Røe Isaksen. Photo courtesy of Nor-Shipping.

«Norway lives by the sea, from the sea and off the sea and this has forced us to be alert and meet challenges with confidence. HRH King Harald himself is an experienced sailor, and the sea is what connects a small country with the world. Now we need to work together to unlock the potential of the ocean, we need more green innovation and many of you present here has already proven that green technology does not lead to red numbers», Minister Røe-Isaksen said in his opening remarks to the event.

«We are proud to host Nor-Shipping here in Oslo. For more than 50 years, Nor-Shipping has been an important arena for shipping and the shipping industry. Oslo is the European green capital of the year and I am happy to see that Nor-Shipping focuses on sustainable development of the oceans. We need cleaner ships and greener fuel and the maritime industry is and must be a part of the solution», Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen said during the ceremony.

After the event in the City Hall, the Brazilian delegation attended a reception at the residence of Brazilian ambassador to Norway, Mr. George Prata, and it was the ambassador himself who had prepared the delicious bacalhau salad that was served.

«The Brazil@Norshipping agenda is a result of the established cooperation between Norway and Brazil in the offshore and maritime sector, and we are very much engaged in this cooperation and we want to see it develop even more. The Brazilian economy is going through a transformation that will result in more business opportunities and reinvigorate our partnership. The spirit of our participation at Nor-Shipping is to strengthen the dialogue between Norway and Brazil, starting here tonight», Ambassador Prata said in an address to his guests.

Aage Thoen is the president of BNCC in Oslo.

«I have very high expectations and the Brazil@Nor-shipping agenda is simply impressive. Nor-Shipping serves as a important meeting place, an arena where you exchange ideas and experiences and building strong personal relations is important when doing business. I believe that Nor-Shipping attracts a lot of Brazilian interest due to the new technology and thoughts on sustainable operations you find here, and the chambers of commerce are working nonstop to help Brazilian companies to Norway and Norwegian companies to Brazil», says Aage Thoen.

Ms. Lilian Schaefer with other guests at the embassy reception.

Both industry, the Brazilian navy, regulatory bodies like Antaq and others are part of the Brazilian delegation. Lilian Schaefer is the Executive Vice-President of ABEAM, representing Brazilian supply shipowners. This is her third time at Nor-Shipping.

«I am very proud and happy to represent ABEAM here at Nor-Shipping. Our partnership with Norway has always been of great importance to our associates and we come here to get a global vision of the market, tendencies and technological advances made. Norway has always given priority to innovation, and we have a lot to learn on how to improve management and business models. We are here to learn from the ones who know what they are doing», Ms. Shaefer says.

Photo courtesy of Nor-Shipping.

A league of their own
Per Martin Tanggaard (in the photo to the left) is the Director of Nor-Shipping 2019, and he is thrilled with the massive Brazilian presence.

«Nor-Shipping is an arena for ocean solutions and has served the maritime industry for more than 50 years. Here the industry comes together to build new and profitable partnerships. The huge Brazilian presence is very important to us, Brazil was an important market for Norwegian supply ship owners, but currently, focus is on the huge opportunities going forward, and I know that Petrobras is present with several delegates. Relations are solid across several sectors and we would like Nor-Shipping to serve as an arena where Norwegian and Brazilians can meet. Brazil is also one of very few countries that has its own podium, and this is an initiative that we support. This reflects how important Brazil is to the industry, making it equally important to us at Nor-Shipping», says Per Tanggaard.

Vice-Admiral Wilson Pereira de Lima Filho from the Brazilian Directorate for Ports and Coast with his wife Valeria.

New this year is the Blue Economy Hall – focusing on responsible, profitable use of the ocean space. Here you can find the Norwegian Brazilian NGO Dream Learn Work present with a stand.

«This is the first time Nor-Shipping has filled its entire exhibition floor, and I think that can be seen both as a positive indicator for the industry, and for the huge business potential inherent within the ocean space», Mr. Tanggaard states in a press release.

By Runa Hestmann, NBCC journalist