NORDIC LIGHT: Adonis launches South American Operations in Brazil


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To better serve customers with operations in South America, Adonis recently established an office in Brazil and engaged a local representative.

The Norwegian company Adonis is a leading provider of human resource and payroll solutions for the global shipping and maritime industry, and South America will be an important market for Adonis software solutions. With interface available in Portuguese and Spanish, as well as English and Norwegian, Adonis should be a compelling choice for maritime industries.

“We are excited to become part of the Scandinavian community in Rio de Janeiro”, says Per Ove Kviteberg, Adonis founder and Director of Sales. With the Brazilian offshore market opening up to more international operators, Adonis brings streamlined solutions to global companies that needs to act locally.


Family firm

Adonis is an international software house which has established itself as a leading supplier of integrated solutions to the offshore industries. The company is headquartered in Norway, with offices in Europe, the Far East and the Americas.  Adonis is privately owned, family managed, and has been in the market for more than 30 years. It is unique in the industry that for so many years, Adonis has managed to keep its family structure, and many of the customers have been with Adonis for a long time.

“Our hallmark has always been a high degree of customer loyalty”, says CEO Camilla Emmerhoff (in photo above).

Single system solution

‘The Adonis Solution’ enables companies with operations in several countries to manage all their HR processes in a single system. Adonis utilizes a sophisticated replicator solution so ships and other floating installations with restricted internet access can work seamlessly with their shore-based departments, local offices and agents.

Alongside ordinary licensed systems which are installed by customers on their networks and on board ships, Adonis offers cloud hosting services based on Microsoft Azure. This allows users, who can be located all over the world, to run our systems via the internet from a cloud data center in their local region.

With a solid base in Scandinavia, Adonis serves more than 70 ferry, cruise, and offshore companies around the world. Increasingly more and more companies are discovering Adonis solutions for digitalization, automatization, and elimination of manual routines.

With the opening of the Brazil office, Adonis increases its global presence even further.

“Adonis is in the right place at the right time”, says Per Ove Kviteberg.