Podcast from NBCC member: I See Brazil


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NBCC member Imagen Corporativa is launching a podcast about Brazil and its role in the global scenario.

“Brazil has taken the backstage in many important discussions” says Monica de Bolle in the first episode, where she talks to Ciro Dias Reis, founder of Imagem Corporativa.

The first episode is available on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1onidkIIqfswKUpXZt5ADR?si=yP0UUjR7RKOXRRpv1w4Xow&nd=1

According to IC, I See Brazil is a podcast that analyzes the complexities of the largest economy in Latin America and discusses its role on the global scenario.

In each episode a different specialist shares views on the great challenges of this player called Brazil.

Monica de Bolle is a Brazilian Economist based in Washington DC, Professor at Johns Hopkins University and researcher at Peterson Institute for International Economics.

“The objective of the podcast is to debate the complexity and challenges of the country, in the dimensions of economy, politics, social issues and environment, and also including topis like innovation, competitivity, diversity, equity and inclusion”, says Ciro Dias Reis.