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Returning to the office


Organizations have a duty to first and foremost protect the health and wellbeing of their people, as well as clients and other visitors to their offices, and returning to the office requires preparations on many levels.


Although Norwegians are spending this summer holidays at home, life is in many senses returning to normal. Here in Brazil, many states and municipalities are also opening up after 4 months of restrictions.


The reopening of society is an obvious concern to many NBCC associates. How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, to enable workers to return to work safely while keeping the risk of contamination as low as possible.

In this article we present recommendations and guidelines to help our members in the transition back to our offices.

Has your company made similar recommendations or guides? Please share them with NBCC to make this article more complete.


Here you find recommendations from our associate KPMG in English and in Portuguese.



International organizations:

The International Labor Organization

EU recommendations



Here in Rio de Janeiro, Firjan recently launched the following guide.


And here you can find the recommendations from the Norwegian Confederation of Enterprise (NHO) and Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)