Survey reveals increased levels of stress and anxiety


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The results of the post-pandemic survey were released by Medical Director of Med Rio Check-Up, Gilberto Ururahy recently.

The survey was carried out in the last three weeks of isolation, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, with 300 patients who did regular check-ups at the Rio de Janeiro units of the clinic, specialized in Preventive Medicine. Med Rio Check-Up is also a member of NBCC.


“Some of the findings are striking, if we compare them with the figures we had before the pandemic. People are scared and this lead to increased anxiety, stress and depression.  Insomnia went from 23% of the population examined to 35%, high stress levels, from 65% to 87%, anxiety, from 18% to 36%, self-medication, from 12% to 29%, arterial hypertension, from 21% to 29%”, Ururahy says.


He finds it concerning that people are becoming more sedentary, that they are eating less healthy and are having trouble sleeping.


“We have had video conferences with Med Rio Check-Up’s client companies to guide our patients to prevent themselves, in this time of pandemic”, he says.


Since the beginning of the isolation the clinic has implemented all security measures against Coronavirus for the internal and external public” he explained.


Med-Rio Check-up, starting on the 30th, will be offering test for antibodies of Covid-19 (IgM and IgG).

Click here to read more from Dr. Gilberto Ururahy/Med Rio Check-UP (In Portuguese)


Source: Med Rio Check-Up