Open Banking process in Norway and Brazil


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Last Friday we hosted an event to discuss the open banking process from
the point of view of a Norwegian and a Brazilian Bank.
We had Arne-Christian Haukeland (Head of Treasury Management Sales
Coast & International Advisory Team), Cesar Kobayashi (C6Bank Head of
Cash Management, C6 Tag, Instant Payments and Open Banking) and Erik
Olav Landsværk (Head of Open Banking at DNB / Senior Vice President)
sharing his experiences.
Open banking is the process of exposing the bank’s products, services
and data to third parties – for customers or non-customers.
Erik Olav brought to the event why we should care about the open banking
process with his experience in DNB processes and what they are doing as
Arne-Christian explained us how the Norwegian regulation works “In
Norway and Europe, the legislation is kind of counterproductive to each
other, they are opening up the exchange but on the other hand, all the
regulatory requirements the banks are facing are very difficult for the
fintechs to deal with because It puts a lot of limitation,“ he said.

After that, we had the Brazilian perspective with the bank C6, Head of
Open Banking, Cesar Kobayashi, who presented brilliantly how Brazilian
open banking is.
“Open banking in Brazil isn’t a specific service or product, the open banking
in Brazil is a set of technologies and rules that creates connection modeling
to facilitate that integration among several institutions.” Kobayashi said.

As a extra topic, Cesar brought to us was the Open Finance: “Next year we
will have the second stage called “open finance”, with the objective to
enhance and reach the data exchange throughout institutions, involving

specific data about insurance and investments, which will provide an even
more great landscape for innovation and customisation,” Kobayashi
“This integration creates an ecosystem that provides a very important
service that empowers companies and customers to be owners of their own
data,” he concluded.

Presentation Open Banking – C6 Bank

DNB Presentation –  Open Banking Brazil 

About DNB
The NBCC gold member DNB is the largest bank in Norway and although
in the nordic market, and offers financial products and services through its
Representative Office in Rio de Janeiro to Nordic companies in Brazil and
to leading Brazilian and global companies within the energy and shipping

About C6 BANK
C6 is a completely digital bank, with no physical banks at all, borned in
2019 to assist individuals and business, focused on digital and keading the
country on universalizing banking services locally.

Written by Lisandra Oliveira