Through Ulstein Belga Marine in Brazil, hard work is turned into smart work by digitalising day-to-day services for maritime, offshore and Oil & Gas companies in Brazil, while providing the best solutions for innovative and safe offshore operations.

Since 1987, the Rio-based company Ulstein Belga Marine has provided marine services to the Brazilian market in the fields of navigation, naval/Oil & Gas telecommunication and electronics. Less known is their focus on keeping their customers updated with the latest and most innovative technologies and methods of operations.

Marine digitisation
With the digital transformation happening in the energy and Oil & Gas sector, the company is committed to being a frontrunner in providing services that guarantees that their customers are updated on the latest and most innovative methods to run their operations.

Ulstein Belga Marine is a trusted partner of complete solutions for the supply of marine electronic equipment and automation systems. The company trades equipment, services and software from leading suppliers in the industry, of which the majority are headquartered in the U.S, Canada and Europe. The customers range from drilling or oil and gas operators, to ship owners, oil service companies, ERP contractors and shipyards.

By digitising day-to-day services and integrating them across digital platforms and software, Ulstein Belga Marine makes offshore data available anywhere and anytime, on land or at sea, ensuring an optimal way to mitigate human risk and environmental impacts, as well as increasing the efficiency and profitability of our customers’ operations. Machine learning, drone inspections, Internet of Things, AI modelling, real-time ocean data and vessel data, POB management and mustering, and remote real-time classification of oil spills are examples of methods to face marine digitisation.

The vessel data from X-CONNECT® products or other alarm, monitoring and automation systems are encrypted and buffered in case of lost Internet connection, transmitted to a cloud server and accessed through standardized database queries.

Ad-hoc services or planned upgrades
The company is keeping close contact with their customers. It carries out services and upgrades on systems delivered by the Norway-based Ulstein Power & Control on vessels in Brazil. This can be ad-hoc services or planned upgrades, and the two companies are often cooperating on these tasks. Ulstein Belga Marine provides the Ulstein developed BLUE BOX, based on the X-CONNECT® platform, which utilises digitalisation of on-board signals through a cloud-based server to shore. This system is able to extract real-time data and translate it into simple and intuitive charts, providing operators with the intelligence that makes their business smarter, safer and greener.

Bringing live vessel data ashore with the BLUE BOX onboard will open endless opportunities. Our experience with system deliveries show that a shipowner can reduce the fuel consumption. This is done by analysing the vessel’s data and thereby operate the vessel smarter and more efficiently with actionable insights. Transmitting data ashore will lead to better vessel management as well as a more efficient fleet handling. When analysing data to support and evaluate your decisions, you stand a better chance of getting the best out of your vessels potential. Data from coastal Norway used here as example.

Who are we?
Ulstein Belga Marine is a solid partner which has been providing navigation, communication and naval automation solutions to the Brazilian marine and offshore market for more than 30 years, the last 15 years as part of Ulstein Group, headquartered in Norway, a group of companies engaged in shipbuilding, ship design, power and automation solutions. Since 2019, Ulstein Belga Marine is 50 per cent owned by M&O Partners, a company that is developing global market opportunities for companies in the maritime and offshore market, and has a strong sales and operational setup for the Brazilian market.