Unraveling the strategies for the Brazilian oil and gas industry post Covid-19


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The mother of all crises has not made ANP director Felipe Kury less confident in the potential of Brazilian pre-salt.

In a webinar organized by NBCC and our sister chamber in Norway, the Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce on June 3, 2020, Felipe Kury said that Brazilian pre-salt is still one of the hottest oil plays in the world.

More than 50 people participated actively in the webinar. Felipe Kury delivered a very complete presentation on the continuity plan for oil and gas activities in Brazil, and answered several, very relevant questions from the audience.

“The mother of all crisis has had a vast impact on all sectors and is even causing social unrest. The length of the crisis matters because it can lead to permanent loss of jobs, to disruption of supply chains, and we already see disastrous figures in global trade, setting us back to the 1930-s. The oil and gas industry in Brazil has however been very resilient, sustaining high levels of production and focusing on protecting the health of the industry. Both the Brazilian Government and the Brazilian Agency for petroleum, natural gas and biofuels (ANP) have been working hard to create and maintain a healthy environment for investments in Brazil”, Mr. Kury said.

Several legal and regulatory enhancements have been published recently, and important and structuring measures are being considered.

Mr. Kury addressed the main government initiatives for the oil and gas sector, focusing on recovery in key areas and measures to unlock the onshore petroleum potential.

“We are working to improve the attractiveness of the bid rounds, to develop the new gas market and to support the divestment plans of Petrobras, that will open space for other companies and create a secondary market open to new players”, he said.

Brazil has scheduled new bidding rounds for the next two years both under concession and production sharing agreements and it has an ongoing bidding round process – the Open Acreage, which can be held anytime.

Mr. Kury also addressed downstream sector and its importance in Brazil.

The presentation is available to NBCC members. The event was also recorded. Contact us on email communication@nbcc.com.br to get access to the material.

José Elias, director of Altera Infrastructure, is the VP of NBCC

NBCC VP José Elias gave the closing remarks to the event.


“The oil and gas sector is the highlight of the relationship between Norway and Brazil and this exchange of ideas, of thoughts, plans and concerns is very healthy for this relationships and also for the companies. Thank you for a very clear and interesting presentation”, Mr. Elias said.