Since June 1, Lair Hanzen takes the lead in the Americas and Olaf Hektoen is responsible for the Brazilian operation

Yara, the world leader in plant nutrition, announces a new global organizational structure, with operations directed to three regional units – Asia/Africa, Americas and Europe –, a Global Plants / Operational Excellence unit, and a new global Farming Solutions function.

Former president of Yara Brasil, Lair Hanzen, assumes the leadership of the Americas region, which covers the operations of Brazil, Latin America and North America, and the presidency of Yara Brasil now is led by Olaf Hektoen. Norwegian, with more than 20 years at Yara and with extensive international experience, Hektoen led the company’s operations in different countries and has been in Brazil for a year and a half, leading the Strategy and transformation projects of the company. Hanzen will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yara Brasil.

In about eight years ahead of Yara Brasil, Hanzen led the company to the leadership of the Brazilian fertilizer segment, supported by a strategy based on acquisition, investments in large projects for national production of inputs and organic growth in distribution.

“During my career as president of Yara Brasil, we acted from end to end, supporting the development of Brazilian agriculture. We invested heavily in strengthening, modernizing the chain and offering the most complete portfolio to farmers. And we will continue in this direction to support the sustainable food production in the country ”, highlights Hanzen.

Olav Hektoen.

Among the main investments of the company in recent years, the Serra do Salitre Mining-Industrial Complex (in Minas Gerais state) and the expansion and modernization of the Rio Grande Industrial Complex (Rio Grande do Sul state) stand out, which will play a fundamental role in reducing fertilizer imports in Brazil. In Serra do Salitre, the company is investing R$ 5 billion for an integrated project for mining and processing of phosphate fertilizers, in addition to a chemical plant for granulated fertilizers, scheduled for completion in 2021. Rio Grande, with investments of R$ 2 billion and expected to be delivered by the end of this year, will be the largest and most modern production and blending complex in Latin America.

Olaf Hektoen reinforces Yara’s confidence in Brazil:

“I take over the Brazilian leadership with the conviction that we are going to combine the growth of our business with the collaborative culture, contributing positively to one of the main sectors of this country at the moment we are living”.


NBCC board member Steinar Skar is the current CFO of Yara Brasil and since June 1 he is also the CFO of  Yara Americas.

About Yara
Yara, the world leader in plant nutrition, cultivates knowledge to feed the world and protect the planet responsibly. To fulfill these commitments, leads the development of digital agricultural tools for precision agriculture and works closely with its partners across the food value chain to develop sustainable solutions and be the plant nutrition company of the future. Founded in Norway, in 1905, to solve the emerging hunger crisis in Europe, Yara is present worldwide, with more than 17 thousand employees and operations in more than 60 countries. In Brazil, Yara contributes to the development of national agriculture, including in its nutritional solutions all soils and crops. The company also provides industrial solutions for the reduction of pollutants, improving the air quality of cities. Present in the country since the 1970s, the company has industrial, blending and distribution operations in the main agricultural centers in Brazil, with approximately 5500 employees.


Source: Yara