NBCC´s 10th webinar since the covid-19 pandemic hit Brazil, featured a presentation by Adriano Pires, founder of CBIE, who believes that the pandemic will speed up the global energy transition.

When most of the world went virtual, back in March 2020, NBCC was also forced to completely reorganize the events agenda and the way we were used to work.

On July 7, we successfully organized our 10th virtual event since the pandemic hit and society closed down, and at NBCC, we now conclude that our mission in adapting to “a new normal” has been accomplished.

Clean energy and quality of life
On July 7, the keynote speaker was Adriano Pires, a leading Brazilian energy specialist, who presented an overview of the global and Brazilian energy market, focusing on oil and gas and renewables in the current state of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has made us all more concerned with quality of life and I believe that the global energy transition will speed up after the pandemic. Today, global leaders look at climate change and realize that the effects of the climate changes are much worse than of this virus. I believe that the peek in demand for oil will come sooner than expected earlier. The concern for cleaner energy is rising”, he said in his presentation.

Mr. Pires believes Brazil has a competitive advantage, with a variety of renewable energy sources available.

“This will give us an advantage in the world after the pandemic. I also believe that the natural gas from pre-salt will give us a more stable supply of cleaner energy, as the current Brazilian energy matrix is intermittent.”

Adriano Pires sees the need for creating government policies and regulations to attract investors to produce the large reserves of oil that Brazil has – before it is too late, and also believes that innovation will play a fundamental role going forward.

Top-level speakers
Since March 18, 2020, NBCC has organized a total of 10 virtual encounters and webinars, and there are many highlights, and so many top-level speakers that shared their views on a variety of topics with NBCC and our members.

Even our Annual General Meeting this year took form as a virtual session.

With our sister chamber BNCC in Oslo we organized webinars on the future of the oil price, with speakers from Rystad Energy, with ANP director Felipe Kury, with economist Cláudio Frischtak and also an event on forex and BRL volatility and investment opportunities with StoneX and M&O Partners.

With Team Norway we were responsible for finding speakers for a webinar on renegotiation of contracts in the aftermath of covid-19. Rafael Baleroni, Marcio Leal and Nilton Mattos composed a panel of lawyers and Bianca Soares, Legal Director & Compliance Officer of Subsea 7 Brazil, shared experiences and lessons learned through several crises.

In collaboration with Innovation Norway and Un women, NBCC organized a successful workshop on unconscious bias.

Our working committees have also gathered eight times since March 18. The seminar organized by the regulatory and finances committees on decommissioning had a record audience of 8o people. Speakers were Mauro Destri of Destri Consulting and Raphael N. Moura, ANP superintendent.

Our files show that more than 500 people participated in NBCC webinars these last 4 months.

Most of our webinars were recorded and are available to NBCC associates. Contact us as communication@nbcc.com.br.


We are now planning for an equally active second semester of 2020, with just as many relevant events with high level speakers. Stay tuned!!